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Facts from Financial Analyst

By getting the constitutional amendment passed and securing one of the 4 licenses in Arkansas, John Berrey and the DDA created out of thin air long term equity value for the Quapaw Nation to the tune of $500 million.

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$4 Million Sent Out to Quapaw Members

Adults Receive $1,000 Each; Children Receive $500 Each from CARES Act COVID Stimulus Fund

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For the past 20 years as the chairman of the Quapaw Nation Business Committee, John L. Berrey has led the tribe through a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity. He has fought tirelessly to ensure that the traditions and legacy of the Quapaw people live on, while always striving for a better future.

Hum-Bah-Gah-Kah “Big Elk”

I have always celebrated my Native heritage, and it was in 1999, I first interested in being part of the Quapaw Tribal Business Committee.

Meet Chairman John Berrey